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Setup Instructions

Materials needed: ruler, marking pen, pin or nail,
chair or ladder and 5 minutes
Once you receive your 58" x 30" growth chart in its original shrink wrap, take it out and stretch it out fully on the floor.

The growth charts are made of sturdy nylon / polyester blend material. There are 2 plastic bars on top and bottom edges of each chart allowing proper stretching once hung on a door or wall, with the attached string on the top bar.


Now pick a spot where you would like to hang you son's or daughter's growth chart.

Using your ruler, make a mark that is 21" above  the level of the floor where your child will be standing. This is where the bottom edge should line up.

See picture to the right. Notice the 21" hash mark of the ruler lines up with the bottom edge.


This next portion is the most important part of setup. Having 2 people here working together if helpful, although I was able to set it up by myself with the help or rather interference from 3 year old son.

Stepping on a chair or small ladder, secure the nylon string to the wall or door so that the bottom edge is 21" off the ground  (previously described in STEP 2) with a nail or pin onto your wall or door.

Note: The string and the fabric from packaging maybe initially loose. Once hung and positioned, make sure it's snug and tightly hung and stretched out. Double check and ensure that the 30" mark on the chart matches the ruler's 30" hash mark measured of above the ground.


Once you have the growth chart has been hung securely to your wall or door you are ready to start plotting and tracking your son's or daughter's height and weight.

For additional information on how to plot and interpret height and weight percentiles, visit our FAQs section.